Publication Day of Lean On

After many months in the making, today is the day – my book “Lean On: The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership is officially released.  Thank you to my team and publisher Advantage Media | ForbesBooks.

The Official Press Release:

NEW YORKOct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In his groundbreaking new book, Andreas Wilderer delivers a rare perspective on gender equality: Today’s successful women leaders increasingly depend on supportive partners who have stepped forward to take care of their children and manage the household – just as successful men have long leaned on women for such support.

Lean On: The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership explores how men and women can bring out the best in each other – and do what’s best for their families – by focusing on individual strengths. Often the woman is better-suited to be the breadwinner while the man is a natural at nurturing, so they flip tradition. Some men devote themselves full time to the family; others pursue challenging careers of their own and fairly divide domestic duties. Some have recently retired or sold a business and switched roles with their wives, who have returned to work after years of caring for the kids and home.

In all those roles, countless men are boldly leading their families far differently than their fathers led theirs. It’s a transformative tide, but their story has largely gone untold – until now.

Lean On is both insightful and practical. Delving into the many societal implications, Wilderer examines five powerful pillars of support that he has identified as crucial for women to continue rising to their rightful place as business leaders. While painting the big picture, however, he also offers detailed advice on forging a happier, fulfilled family life. Lean On is an eye-opening book of real solutions for individuals, couples, and the community.

Wilderer’s wisdom is born of experience: His wife is a corporate executive whose demanding career supports their family financially. He supports her, in turn, by caring for their two children and managing the household. Meanwhile, he has distinguished himself as a certified business and family coach and keynote speaker. Now, as the author of Lean On, Wilderer shares his compelling message with a wider audience, encouraging others to step forward, as he has done, to promote true equality as never before.

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