EqualVoice Magazine | Dad Has Everything Under Control

Andreas Wilderer had always believed in equality. He knew not to just blindly comply with social norms and realized that supporting his wife, Mirka, would produce the best outcomes for their family. He began to have these thoughts in earnest when he and Mirka were expecting their first child. Mirka had already started a successful […]

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Four Things I Learned

Four Things I Learned About Being the Spouse of a Female CEO When my wife Mirka and I got married, we were both in the middle of our careers. She aspired to be a CEO, while I worked toward growing my own business. We both knew that becoming a CEO required an extensive amount of […]

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Why Aren’t More CEOs Women? 4 Ways Corporations Can Clear The Path

While more women are rising to the top of the corporate ladder, a question persists: Why do female CEOs still comprise a small percentage of the highest leadership positions? Research underscores women’s capabilities as corporate leaders and their positive effects on organizations. An extensive worldwide survey showed that having women at the C-suite level significantly […]

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Andreas Is Sharing His “Oh Hell No” Moment

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast K. Nicole talks to stay at home dad turned Author Andreas Wilderer about why he choose to be a stay at home dad and why he has made it his mission to encourage more men to support their wives and run the household instead of the […]

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Business in the Black Podcast

Last month I had the honor to share with Twanda Black on her show Business in the Black some details about what it is like to be a stay at home dad. We went deeper into the question how a stay-at-home dad can benefit the children.   Find the full show here: https://www.kiss104fm.com/events/neighborhood–community/business-in-the-blac/0Paw7kWn3jzO9j1xmmmruN/

WAKE UP: Why Society Needs to Embrace Stay-at-Home-Dads

As the husband of a successful female executive, I am more than familiar with the social stigmas placed on stay-at-home-dads. In my years of being my children’s primary caregiver, I’ve experienced it many times. I recall one story from my book, Lean On, that might help to shine a bit more perspective on my personal […]

ForbesBook Radio Interview

Tune in and listen to Andreas Wilderer discussion with Gregg Stebben “Why AQ will replace IQ and EQ”  on this episode of ForbesBooks Radio.       Andreas W.: GLOBULARITY is, we do Strengthfinder coaching, and we deal with focus on adaptability. So we say that AQ, the adaptability quotient is going to replace IQ […]

Excuse Me? Defending Your Stay-at-Home Husband

Much has been written about the obstacles that women face as they seek to climb the corporate ladder – the glass ceilings, unequal pay, discrimination in promotions, etc. Many family women are also made to feel guilty for their devotion to their career as if that somehow means they are less devoted to their children. […]

The Silent Partner – Influential Women and the Spouses Who Support Them

We’ve all heard the song Wind Beneath My Wings. In this breathtaking ballad, Bette Midler pays a heartfelt homage to her husband, whom she portrays as the person who has, quite selflessly, been her rock, inspiration and unwavering support throughout her long and illustrious career (insert tear here). While Bette’s position and role in her […]