As a strengths-based coach and inspirational keynote speaker, Andreas shares his years of experience and thought-leadership on different topics like:

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For female Leaders and their partners


Inspired by powerful coaching tools like CliftonStrengths, Scaling Up, Becoming your Best and adding their own experience as a Non-Traditional power couple Andreas and Mirka Wilderer have developed a tailored coaching program for female leaders and their partners. Who better can understand the special circumstances, needs and challenges a non-traditional partnership has than someone how has been there.

In this coaching program we will work through the “Five Pillars of Support” and how we can implement them in day to day situations.

For Managers and their Teams


What will happen when we think about what is right with people rather than fixating on what is wrong with them?“ – D.Clifton

In our strengths-based leadership and team building programs we tap into over 60 years of study and experience of the Gallup CliftonStrengths. We help you and your team understand and apply the CliftonStrengths tool so you can become the best version of yourself by exploring your individual talents and strengths.

Teams that use their Strengths Perform Better

  • 7% – 23% higher employee engagement
  • 8% – 18% increased performance
  • 20% – 73% lower attrition

 “We each have great TALENTS, and the more we KNOW about them, the more we can UNDERSTAND what makes us SPECIAL and how we can use our talents to do things exceptionally well” – D. Clifton



Mastermind groups might sound new to many people but the concept has been around for many decades. Benjamin Franklin or Napolean Hill are considered the “Father’s of Mastermind”. Many successful business organizations like Young Presidents Organization (YPO) or Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) have adopted the Principe of peer-to-peer support and learning through Mastermind groups.

Why should you join a Mastermind group?

  • Accountability.
  • Regular connection.
  • Networks beyond your own to tap into.
  • A trusted circle of colleagues to help you make decisions.
  • A chance to learn from other businesses and leaders.
  • A confidential space to discuss challenges and problems.
  • A laboratory to learn and experiment.
  • A reflection of your own wisdom and expertise as you help others.
  • And potentially long-term friendships and connections.

We offer Mastermind groups for Female Leaders, Supportive Partners and Stay-At-Home Dads.

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Lean On

The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership

How well do you and your partner support each other in your home life and career?

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