EqualVoice Magazine | Dad Has Everything Under Control

Andreas Wilderer had always believed in equality. He knew not to just blindly comply with social norms and realized that supporting his wife, Mirka, would produce the best outcomes for their family. He began to have these thoughts in earnest when he and Mirka were expecting their first child. Mirka had already started a successful […]

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GWI Magazine Interview with Dr. Mirka Wilderer

The Global Water Intelligence Magazine (GWI Magazine) is a monthly publication focusing on the latest advancements in the field of clean water technologies, and a detailed analysis on a wide range of water-related issues. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and informative platform on the latest developments in the field of water management and […]

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Dr. Mirka Wilderer Chosen Among the Titan 100

Dr. Mirka Wilderer has been selected among the top 100 CEOs & C-Level Executives in Colorado, the Titan 100. The Top 100 CEOs & C-level executives honored are the area’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry using criteria that include demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision, and passion. Collectively, the 2021 Titan 100 and their companies […]

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De Nora and Dr. Mirka Wilderer make the Headlines

Dr. Mirka Wilderer, CEO of De Nora Water Technologies has led the acquisition of the UV Technologies Division of Calgon Carbon Corp, a company that has been in the water treatment business since 1942. The UV Technologies Division has been one of Calgon Carbon’s most successful divisions for years, and is best known for the […]

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13 Amazing Books Every Feminist Should Read In 2020

“Feminism’s power lies in its affinity for learning and spreading important stories and insights. The feminist author community is one of the strongest in the publishing industry, so it’s been extremely hard to narrow down the best books of the year to just 13.” states the author of the list. We are pleased to announce […]

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35 Inspiring Business Books Women Need to Read

With so many outdated views of women in business, it’s not surprising that more and more books are being written to support equality. Lean On: The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership made’s 35 inspiring business books women need to read list. If you want to check out other books that made […]

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International Women’s Day 2020

I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights Every day, millions of women across the globe are working to create the changes necessary to make a better and more equal world. On one very special day, these efforts are not only celebrated but shared by millions. International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated every year on March […]

American Express | The Future Of Business: More Women In The Workforce

A 2019 report shows that for the second time in history, women in the workforce have outnumbered men, but why? American Express guest blog writer, Julie Bawden-Davis spoke with our own Andreas Wilderer to get his take on what has fueled this extraordinary shift. You can read the full article that was published in […]

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Lean On Now Available as Audiobook

Today we’re delighted to announce that Lean On: The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership is now available as an audiobook on Amazon. It’s been wonderfully narrated by Trevor Roberts and you can listen to a preview below.   To get it on Amazon click:                . […]

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UPSIDE – The Business Growth Podcast

Andreas had the honor to talk with Rusty Shelton on his podcast about his book Lean On and what men can do to support female leaders. Listen to the full podcast here: