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Supporting Women in Leadership

GLOBULARiTY was founded in 2016 by Andreas and Mirka Wilderer. Living as Global Citizens in a non-traditional family model, they have experienced the many biases and struggles women in leadership and their partners face every day. Realizing that other couples could benefit from their guidance, advice, and support, the company was born.

The mission of GLOBULARiTY is to provide women with support, tools and approaches they need to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and succeed in their career aspirations.

Who can better understand the unique circumstances, needs and challenges of these women and their partners than a couple who has lived it?

At GLOBULARiTY we believe in the power of coaching and the positive benefit it has on an individual, their work and their family. Combining powerful coaching tools like CliftonStrengths, Scaling Up and Becoming your Best with their own experiences as a non-traditional power couple, Andreas and Mirka have developed a tailored coaching program for female leaders and their partners.

In January of 2020, after working with clients around the globe, the Wilderers and their two children once again relocated. Now in Denver, Colorado, they have settled into their new home and latest home base for GLOBULARiTY.

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Five women looking down on camera, smiling.
Mirka Wilderer Headshot
Mirka Wilderer Headshot

Mirka Wilderer

Female CEO | Motivational Speaker | Trailblazer

Mirka is recognized as an inspirational global executive and influential female leader. Based on her entrepreneurial approach, her career expands over a timeline of experience as a change leader for global organizations with deep experience in corporate strategies, business transformation and cross-functional leadership. Leveraging her international and unconventional background, her innovative approach starts with an intrinsic business curiosity and challenging the status quo.

With her father winning the world’s most prestigious award for water, the Stockholm Water Prize, Mirka’s inspiration blossomed to become one of the top female executives in the water industry and to help preserve one of our world’s most precious resources, water. In 2019, she became the first female Chief Executive Officer of De Nora Water Technologies, headquartered in Milan, Italy. A global leader in water and wastewater treatment, De Nora is setting the pace for new and innovative purification and disinfection technologies.

On her journey, it has been her mission all along to be an advocate for female empowerment and the diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) movement. Her personal purpose is to lead business transformation by supporting and tapping into the individual strengths and talents of each employee to generate sustainable benefits for the greater good of society.

Mirka’s accomplishments include the recognition from Global Water Intelligence as one of the “20 Most Powerful Women in the Water Industry” (2020); the award of one of the “50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan” (2018); one of the “Forty under 40” in West Michigan (2016) and many more.

Recognizing the power and importance of networking, Mirka is a member of the distinguished GEN CEO Women’s Network in Germany, the International Women’s Forum (IWF) and is a member of the Board of the Women’s Business Network in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Andreas Wilderer

Andreas Wilderer

Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker | Leadership Coach

Becoming a solopreneur at a young age, Andreas started his first company “Ziegler light and sound”, a small event equipment rental company, in his parents’ garage at the age of 16. Focused on the event and marketing space recognized companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Mercedes as well as well-known artists, bands and politicians were among his reference customers.

With the birth of their son, Andreas started his journey as a Stay-At-Home Dad (SAHD) and supportive partner to Mirka and her career. Recognizing that gender roles are shifting rapidly, Andreas became an advocate and role model for non-traditional family models. Realizing that the world is changing with exponential speed, he started to research new ideas and developed the concept of the Adaptability Quotient as a way to encourage change to be considered as an opportunity and not a threat.

Based on his own experiences and driven by the will to be a changemaker, Andreas became a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and advocate for women in leadership and their partners. He founded the “Male Spouse Partner Network” in YPO and several Mastermind Groups for supportive men. In October 2019 Andreas published the Amazon Bestseller “Lean On – The Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership”. Since then he was a guest in several podcasts and radio shows. His work has been published in the national and international press – all in an effort to spread the message and encourage men to step up and become someone to Lean On as their female partners are Leaning In.

Andreas Wilderer


Lean On

The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership

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