gwi magazine interview with dr mirka wilderer

GWI Magazine Interview with Dr. Mirka Wilderer

The Global Water Intelligence Magazine (GWI Magazine) is a monthly publication focusing on the latest advancements in the field of clean water technologies, and a detailed analysis on a wide range of water-related issues. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and informative platform on the latest developments in the field of water management and technology, and to promote water technologies to a broader audience through the publication of the GWI Magazine, thus allowing its clientele with high-level intelligence to enable them make the most informed strategic decisions for their business.

Global Water Intelligence, who is the publisher of the GWI Magazine each year organizes six annual live events while also publishing a weekly newsletter, the Water Desalination Report, a seminal database called DesalData and an annual handbook named IDA Water Security Handbook.

The GWI team decided to feature an interview with CEO Dr. Mirka Wilderer on De Nora Water Technologies’ successful technology acquisitions last month. Her remarks, which gave important insights on their strategies and her vision, constituted the bulk of the article.

GWI Magazine also made a remark on the family heritage of Mirka by mentioning her inspiration, her father Peter A. Wilderer, who won the 2003 Stockholm Water Prize.

Her remarks quoted by the GWI magazine

“We’ve had a great growth story, and I think it’s really just the beginning. My vision for the business is to become the technology provider of choice, and to grow our reach into more countries and more applications, with the mindset of being a modern-day entrepreneurial leader in the water space.”

“Our organic growth has been remarkable, and we’re pulling together the business into one platform where we’re enabling each of our offices around the world to sell our entire portfolio of expertise.”

“Our BALPURE unit is an electrolytic disinfection system known for its large flow rates, targeting tankers, bulk carriers, and other large vessels, while the GUARDIAN UV technology that we acquired from Calgon Carbon is targeting small and medium flow rates. The two technologies never really compete against one another because they target different sizes of vessel. In the past, we’ve had customers that have asked us for UV solutions, and we had to turn them down or point to different suppliers. Having both in our portfolio now allows us to offer the whole range, and it helps owners and operators to pick the best solution, regardless of the size of the vessel.”

“We see tremendous opportunities for UV where it’s synergistic with chlorine. Particularly in drinking water applications, a multi-barrier approach provides full-spectrum coverage against pathogens throughout the entire distribution network.”

“This really fits into our mission to create value with green technologies. Hydrogen is a huge growth opportunity for our sister business, and there are a lot of conversations internally about how we can support their growth opportunities. We own technology that is suitable for the pre-treatment of the electrolysis feedwater stream. Our proprietary oxidation and filtration equipment can be adopted to treat surface or underground waters before the demineralization unit that typically supplies the electrolyser.”

And this last quote shows how much she values connecting with customers as a way to become a better partner.

“I’m a huge fan of the after-market and service side of the business because it allows us to build strong relationships with customers during the entire life-cycle of our equipment. This area of the business is critical, because it keeps the customer in our court, and makes sure that we understand how we can become a better partner. It’s one of the areas where we’re focusing a lot of our attention.”

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