Six Long-Distance Date Night Ideas for Women in Leadership

As the husband of a busy female executive, I will tell you that I don’t see my wife as much as I would like. Whether she’s working late nights or overseas on business, the time spent apart can really take its toll on the relationship. Being a hopeless romantic and a man who truly loves […]

Traveling with Kids

Smooth Getaways – Tips for Flying with Kids Traveling alone, I tend to go into autopilot. I know exactly how long to give myself to pack, travel to the airport, make my way through security, grab a quick coffee and board my plane. Now, add my family to the equation and all that goes out […]

ForbesBook Radio Interview

Tune in and listen to Andreas Wilderer discussion with Gregg Stebben “Why AQ will replace IQ and EQ”  on this episode of ForbesBooks Radio.       Andreas W.: GLOBULARITY is, we do Strengthfinder coaching, and we deal with focus on adaptability. So we say that AQ, the adaptability quotient is going to replace IQ […]

Excuse Me? Defending Your Stay-at-Home Husband

Much has been written about the obstacles that women face as they seek to climb the corporate ladder – the glass ceilings, unequal pay, discrimination in promotions, etc. Many family women are also made to feel guilty for their devotion to their career as if that somehow means they are less devoted to their children. […]