ForbesBook Radio Interview

Tune in and listen to Andreas Wilderer discussion with Gregg Stebben “Why AQ will replace IQ and EQ”  on this episode of ForbesBooks Radio.       Andreas W.: GLOBULARITY is, we do Strengthfinder coaching, and we deal with focus on adaptability. So we say that AQ, the adaptability quotient is going to replace IQ […]

Excuse Me? Defending Your Stay-at-Home Husband

Much has been written about the obstacles that women face as they seek to climb the corporate ladder – the glass ceilings, unequal pay, discrimination in promotions, etc. Many family women are also made to feel guilty for their devotion to their career as if that somehow means they are less devoted to their children. […]

Mens’ Work – Money vs. Homemaker | Redefining Head of Household

A common notion is that human beings are wired for the male to be the head of household – the provider and the decider – and for the female to be the nurturer who follows and supports. That said, for generations, society has expected that when a couple decides to start a family, it is […]

Sync Up – How Successful Families Manage Their Busy Schedules

As a former full-time stay-at-home father as well as a husband to a busy female executive, I quickly learned the importance of the homemaker in the family unit. From organizing the family schedule to meeting deadlines and balancing the family budget, the business of running a household proved to be more challenging than I’d expected. […]

He’s Jealous – When a Man is Envious of His Partner’s Success

A recent study from researchers at the University of Florida and the University of Virginia found evidence to suggest that a woman’s level of accomplishments can greatly affect her relationships. As success and ambition are qualities most women take into effect when selecting a mate, a man’s ego can suffer greatly when he feels as […]

Busy Bonding – Three Ways Influential Women Can Stay Connected With Their Kids

With many women in leadership, the decision to start a family can be challenging. Channeling all of their energies into a successful career, it is likely that the rest of their lives have been carefully structured to best facilitate these ambitions. Another hurdle can be society’s view of them. Unlike their male counterparts, these influential […]

The Silent Partner – Influential Women and the Spouses Who Support Them

We’ve all heard the song Wind Beneath My Wings. In this breathtaking ballad, Bette Midler pays a heartfelt homage to her husband, whom she portrays as the person who has, quite selflessly, been her rock, inspiration and unwavering support throughout her long and illustrious career (insert tear here). While Bette’s position and role in her […]