UPSIDE – The Business Growth Podcast

Andreas had the honor to talk with Rusty Shelton on his podcast about his book Lean On and what men can do to support female leaders. Listen to the full podcast here:    

Andreas Is Sharing His “Oh Hell No” Moment

On this episode of The Oh Hell No Podcast K. Nicole talks to stay at home dad turned Author Andreas Wilderer about why he choose to be a stay at home dad and why he has made it his mission to encourage more men to support their wives and run the household instead of the […]

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A Strength-Based Family

The Strengths Idea Strengths-based Leadership is nothing new. PhD Donald Clifton began researching this subject over 60 years ago. Since many others have built upon his findings. Most recently with the completion of his book StrengthsFinder 2.0 in 2001, Dr. Clifton was joined by both Tom Rath and Gallup to start what some might call […]

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