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2019 Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Busy Families

With Christmas nearly a week away, you might be in a pinch to find last-minute gifts. If your family is anything like ours, you’re likely not in the market for frivolous toys, gadgets or filler gifts. Thankfully, there are quite a few useful and educational presents you can still order and have under the tree in time for the holiday.

The Gift of Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planners are not only a great way to keep track of your busy schedule, they’re also a great way to plan and track your monthly and yearly goals. And planners aren’t just for adults. They’re also great tools for teaching kids to be organized, goal-oriented and responsible.

Full Focus
Becoming Your Best
Big Life Journal

Girl Power Gifts

Ms. Monopoly Women’s Edition

Raising a strong daughter? Hasbro has put a twist on their popular board game where women make more money than men. In this board game female players receive $1,900 at the beginning of the game, compared with $1,500 for male players. Girls also get $240 each time they pass “Go” on the board, while boys get just $200. Instead of a real-estate mogul, Ms. Monopoly invests in female entrepreneurs. 

Barbie National Geographic

Teach your daughter she can be anyone she chooses to be. The five National Geographic Barbie dolls highlight occupations in which women are underrepresented: Wildlife Conservationist, Astrophysicist, Photojournalist, Polar Marine Biologist and Entomologist. Each doll also represents different skin tones and body shapes.

Gifts That Give

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be healthy and successful. We also want to teach them to be grateful and have compassion for humans and animals in need. Teaching your kids the importance of giving and being in touch with the needs of others will help them grow into productive and loving global citizens. – Giving with a Purpose
WWF Giving with a Purpose – Adopt a Pet

T-Shirts That Empower

With more and more women making their way into the C-suite, non-traditional family’s are quickly becoming the new norm. Celebrate your unique family with these supportive and empowering his, her and children’s t-shirts.

T-Shirt for Him  Dads Don’t Babysit
T-Shirt for Her Female Quotient Talking Tees

Books & Tools for Learning

In today’s workplace, gender roles are rapidly changing and evolving. As more women enter the workforce, men need to step up in their families and actively support their female partners. In my new book, Lean On, I encourage readers to go with the change and discover what can be a new normal.

Lean On Book

Last-minute shopping is never a fun process. But finding the right gifts is always better than just filling the space under the tree. I hope you found this list to be helpful in finding gifts that are useful, personal and inspiring.  From our family to yours, have a wonderful holiday and a safe and productive new year!


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