IWF – Men Standing Behind Women

Men Standing Behind Women: Shifting the Conversation

International Women’s Forum Pittsburgh


Today I was honored to be part of an International Women’s Forum – IWF panel discussion. Hosted by the Pittsburgh Chapter in the beautiful Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST).

First, we toured the KST and learned more about the theater’s programs and history. The theater celebrates diversity in voice, thought, and expression, and upholds a firm commitment to inclusion. Furthermore, it provides a safe and welcome space for dialogue and artistic expression for all who enter. This little unique Theater is a Gem in Pittsburgh’s Culture.

After the tour I was able to talk with J.G. Boccella and Janera Solomon about “Men Standing Behind Women – Shifting the Conversation”. We had a dynamic evening of conversation, where artist/educator J.G. Boccella shared about his work on how to talk to the hidden demographic of men who are ready to powerfully support women leaders and how to fully support women in the workplace.

I shared about my book “Lean On – The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership” and how men can be the partner women can Lean On while they are leaning into their work.  The conversation was enriched through the sharing of stories of the IWF members.

It was a wonderful evening and I am grateful I was able to be part of this event.


Kelly Strayhorn Theater

J.G. Boccella, Andreas Wilderer

Janera Solomon
Executive Director, Kelly Strayhorn Theater


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